4 motor AWD (unsynchronized) using diablo


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Diablo - Dual 55A Motor Controller
first off I am planning on using this motor controller. If I want to control 4 motors seperately, will I need two of these? Also, Does anyone know of existing programs out there to control 4 wheels independently?

please advise,

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You will need two Diablos to control four motors independently.

We have an example of independent four wheel control for our ZeroBorg using mecanum wheels:

You can find it on the ZeroBorg - Examples page or ZeroBorg - GitHub, the script is called zbMecanumJoy.py. It should be fairly easy to convert to use two Diablos instead of a ZeroBorg :)

Thank you for your fast response!

I am about to order two diablo boards. Secondly, is there a list of electrical components(type of motor, etc.) that you can share a list with me ?

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The Diablo can control a wide range of DC motors. All of the ones here are compatible. Each motor has a link in the description to a matching hub, which will fit any of the wheels found here.

We also have a Diablo High-Current Connector and Fuse Set which can be used to make connecting and disconnecting the motors quicker.

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