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I have recently acquired my second Diablo board. I've followed the tutorial in "addressing" them each so I can control multiple board.
(They worked individually.) Both still have the red LED on. After addressing them both don't work at all. The new one doesn't even show up when I enter the following.

I entered this in the terminal:
cd ~/diablo
import Diablo
I get this error:
No Diablo Boards found, is bus #!correct (should be 0 for Rev 1, 1 for Rev 2)

I'm open to any advice. I've changed the cables, used other raspberry pi's, did the "getting started tutorial" multiple times.

Thanks in advance,

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What results do you get from running the command sudo i2cdetect -y 1 with the boards connected?

I've entered the command:
sudo i2detect -y 1

I've attached a screenshot of the terminal.


Picture of two diablos daisy chained to Ras Pi.

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The most likely explanation is that the 3-pin wires are making bad contact for the I2C lines, preventing communication.

The LED proves that the 3V3 wire is connected, so the logic on the boards should be powered and working.

Could you try each board on its own and see if any combination of swapping cables works?

I've tried swapping the cables out. I've also entered the cmd "sudo i2cdetect -y 1"
I've attached screenshots. The first one I didn't see any change the second one has a "Ob" reading. I don't know what these mean.
Let me know. Thanks in advance!

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The good news is that the "0b" result means that the second Diablo is visible at address 0x0B hexadecimal, which is 11 in decimal. This shows that the second Diablo is working and with the same connections it should now show up in Python :)

The question now is if the first Diablo has a problem, or this is simply bad luck with wiring, which I have seen myself. It might be worth trying the cables you used with the second Diablo on the first one and see if you get a different result.

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