Running one motor with two channels


The board can handle 55 amps per channel. Would it be possible to run both channels to one motor for a total of 110 amps? Or would that cause feedback issues? I would like to run a three to five hp golf car motor at 36v; I think that would be close to 4kws. If this would not work, do you have any suggestion?

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Unfortunately the on-board protection provided by the board is not designed to run in a paired mode and therefore it is very unlikely that it would work properly when used that way.

I am not aware of any motor control boards capable of that level of current available for either the Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

The only options I can suggest are:

  • If you do not require speed control you might be able to find relays which can handle that much current
    You would still need a control board capable of switching the relay input on and off, but you will loose the PWM speed control (relays will not like PWM)
  • You may be able to find a motor control board intended for industrial use
    If you can talk to the controller using either I2C or SPI then you should be able to connect it up to a Raspberry Pi, but you may need a logic level converter to the correct voltage

Wow, that was quick. Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, I most defiantly need speed control, this is intended for a drive by wire electric boat I am developing. I have a cnc motor controller that would handle the amperage, but it is quite large and does not readily interface with the Raspberry pi. For obvious reasons I like the Pi and other such components for the simplicity, small size and light weight.

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