Specific process monitor indicator

This is an old driver based LedBorg script
We recommend using the new driver free based scripts for LedBorg.
The new driver free examples can be found here, the installation can be found here.

This code takes the current load of a specific process and indicates this on the LedBorg by displaying colours to represent different process loads.

./procmon.sh name
where name is the process to monitor (use ps -A to list all current processes.

Colour displayed is the range from ~0% (<0.1%)(Blue) to 100% (Red). Black is used when no such process is running

<0.1% <13% <25% <38% <50% <63% <75% <88% >=88%

To run in the background call with an ampersand (&) at the end of the command, use killall to stop the program when finished, for example:
./procmon.sh find &
find /.
killall procmon.sh

For a better example find some source which uses gcc to build and try the following:
./procmon.sh cc1&
killall procmon.sh

  • To make script executable
    chmod +x procmon.sh
  • To copy to programs (use without ./ and .sh)
    sudo cp procmon.sh /usr/local/bin/procmon

Here's the code, you can download procmon script file as text here
Save the text file on your pi as procmon.sh


# Set CPU usage we consider maximum, in % CPU utilisation

# Setup our levels list and idle level (0% specifically)
level=("012" "022" "021" "020" "120" "220" "210" "200")

# Work out how many levels we have (level list length)

# Check if we have any arguments
if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
    # No arguments provided, display usage
    echo "Usage: $0 procname"
    # Arguments provided, run infinite loop observing process state
    while [ 1 ]; do
        # Read the process information
        stats=`ps -C "$1" -o %cpu | tail -n 1`      # Get the list of processes matching a name, show only CPU usage and trim to only the last line

        # Check if we got any matches
        if [[ $stats = "%CPU" ]]; then              # Note the double brackets '[[' and ']]' are needed for a literal match
            # Last line was the heading, this means no matches
            echo "000" > /dev/ledborg                   # Set LedBorg to off
        elif [[ $stats = " 0.0" ]]; then            # Note the double brackets '[[' and ']]' are needed for a literal match
            # We had a match, however no CPU activity above 0.1% seen, label as idle
            echo "$idleLevel" > /dev/ledborg            # Set colour to the idle value
            # We had a match, pick a colour based on utilisation level
            cpuint=${stats/.*}                          # Truncate number to an integer
            util=$((($cpuint * $levels) / $maxCpu))     # Work out the slots as evenly spaced from 0% to maxCpu
            if [ $util -ge $levels ]; then              # Check if we have a slot which is too high (at >= maxCpu this will happen)
                util=$(($levels - 1))                       # Cap at highest slot
            echo ${level[$util]} > /dev/ledborg         # Set colour based on utilisation

        # Wait for a period
        sleep 1
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