UltraBorg - Precision servo control with ultrasonic module support


5V supply line voltage ratings

When not jumpered to RPi
  • 5V input nominal 4.8 to 6.5V (4xAA batteries)
  • 5V input maximum -0.3 to 17.0V
  • Also consider ratings of Servos and Ultrasonic modules
When jumpered to RPi, use min/max Pi voltage ratings.

IC designations

  • PIC16F1828-I/SS
  • Toshiba 16bit PWM IC TC62D723FNG
Ultrasonic supports Trigger and Echo on seperate lines such as the HC-SR04 module.
30Hz/60Hz/120Hz Servo operation (Preconfigured to 30Hz. Changing requires Pic reprogramming with PicKit of Program code and Configuration registers

Toshiba TC62D723FNG datasheet
UltraBorg Schematic diagram
Pic Microcontroller datasheet

PIC source code

The code running on the PIC micro-controller can be downloaded here:
This code was built with MPLAB X v2.00 and the XC8 compiler at v1.30
The PIC can be programmed via the five pin header, pin 1 is marked with a triangle.
We recommend using a PICKit 2 for programming the board.
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