Diablo - Powerful motor control for your robots!

  • Dual motor controller
  • Large power input Voltage range of 6-40V
  • Power output Current Max limited to 55A continuous per channel
  • Supports different batteries for each motor
  • Speed Control and bidirectional
  • Controls 2xDC motors or one stepper motor (4,5, or 6 wire)
  • Easily add additional Diablo PCBs to add more motors
  • Uses I2C SCK/SDA and Power/GND pins for communications
  • Can interface to 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V I/O enable use with many control boards:
    Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone, Microchip PIC and others
  • Emergency power off switch
  • Works with all available Raspberry Pis: Model A, Model B Rev 1 and 2, Model B+
  • Capable of driving large motors with force, such as our DoodleBorg

Overheat protection, under voltage lockout, short circuit protection on outputs (to VCC and GND)

Optional PIC source code

If you wish to alter the code running on the PIC micro-controller, the original source can be downloaded here:
This will allow you to do things such as add end stop switches, use encoders and analogue feedback for closed loop control (eg. PID) etc. This code was built with MPLAB X v2.00 and the XC8 compiler at v1.30
The PIC can be programmed via the five pin header, pin 1 is marked with a triangle.
We recommend using a PICKit 2 for programming the board.

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