DiddyBorg Red Edition - Because red ones go faster

    Thanks to the same powerful motors from Metal Edition, Red Edition has
  • 300% More Torque than DiddyBorg
  • 100% Faster measured top speed
  • Transparent Red Perspex™ chassis
  • Silver wheel colour

Autonomous and remote controlling software.
  • Autonomous ball following
  • Autonomous Recon run
  • 6 axis Playstation 3 remote control (bluetooth module required)
  • Controlling via other computers on a network
It works with the Raspberry Pi model B or model B+, and supports mounting the Raspberry Pi camera on the front.
Raspberry Pi VersionCompatible?
Model AYES
Model A+YES
Model B rev 1 (Early)NO mounting holes
Model B rev 2YES
Model B+YES
Raspberry Pi 2YES
Raspberry Pi 3YES
Raspberry Pi ZeroYES - Camera Limitation and two mounting holes unused

The same motors as Metal Edition! Watch the DiddyBorg Metal Edition video

Phone and desktop web control and camera interface

For remote control and viewing with DiddyBorg

High quality 12V motors with metal gears and the same power as Metal Edition! That's about 4.8Watts of output power. Each motor produces ~ 1.4Kg.cm torque!

Comes in kit form with detailed build instructions available on our website

Kit includes
  • PicoBorg Reverse
  • BattBorg
  • 6 motors with mounts and wheels
  • Battery holder
  • Chassis
  • All nuts, bolts and screws
  • Battery strap and cables
Kit requires but does not include: Raspberry Pi, SD card, 10x AA batteries (rechargeable recommended)
The Kit does not include optional parts: Raspberry Pi camera, Playstation remote, USB Bluetooth or USB Wifi module
Assembly requires soldering iron, solder, flat bladed screwdrivers and wire cutters (or at a minimum a good pair of scissors) and an adjustable spanner.

Shipped by Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed.

DiddyBorg Red Edition Kit

Unassembled DiddyBorg Red Edition kit with 12V motors and Red Perspex chassis


Optional Bluetooth module

USB Bluetooth module for your DiddyBorg.
Adds the ability to connect Bluetooth devices to your Raspberry Pi, such as keyboards, joysticks, and game controllers.
Perfect for use with the joystick examples provided when paired with a Bluetooth game controller.
If you have a PS3 controller see the Raspbians PS3 Bluetooth guide here to use it with this Bluetooth module.
Powered from the Raspberry Pi.


Optional WiFi module

USB WiFi module for your DiddyBorg.
Adds the ability to connect to wireless networks, allowing you to talk to your DiddyBorg remotely.
Perfect for remote access via SSH, or getting your DiddyBorg controlled from the network.
Powered from the Raspberry Pi.


Soldering Iron 40 Watt

Soldering iron suitable for assembling DiddyBorg, as well as other electronics.
BS approved with a UK standard 13A plug. 230V CE marked.
Please read the included safety instructions.
Please note delivery available only to UK for this Iron.


Lead free solder

2 meters of lead free solder, perfect for assembling DiddyBorg.
95.5% tin, 3.5% silver, 0.7% copper. 0.7mm diameter.
Has a lower melting temperature (217 deg C) than most lead free solder (~227 deg C)
Please ensure adequate ventilation and safety whilst soldering.